Life is not a race, there is no first place or winner. There is just the journey. The journey is all about love; self love for this beautiful mind, body, and soul God created and love for the other beautiful minds, bodies and souls on the journey with you.  The good, the bad, and the ugly

Love for all shapes, sizes and colors. It really is simple, yet so difficult for us. Why? Because our egos want to be right, want to be first, want it to be a certain way,( our way).
Our ego wants, what it wants, when it wants it!!! So the journey to love is to quiet the wants and speak and act with love. Not tell others what they should or shouldn’t do, be or think., but to speak words of love into them. For the lost soul – you are brave, you are love. For the single parent- you are worthy, you are powerful. For the homeless – you are AMAZING, loved and loving. For the successful business person – you are generous and compassionate. Start the love campaign; love notes!  Let’s start leaving love notes to neighbors, to strangers, at senior centers, soup kitchens, homeless shelters. Let’s leave notes for the wealthy, the poor, the employed and unemployed. The well and the sick. To people from all walks of life; all around the world!

This is a love challenge.  Will you join me??

It doesn’t cost a thing…