Just because it has always been done this way, does not mean you can’t do it a different way. Can you trust yourself enough to follow your own path and not the traditional path?  Can you trust yourself enough to know your speed? To not conform?  Choosing your unique path may feel stressful and different. Yet it may be a gift.

It seems if you don’t follow the natural progression in life (school, college, job, marriage, house, children, etc.) you are made to feel less than.

There is nothing wrong with the conventional path. For some, it is perfect and works. For others, the conventional path just doesn’t fit. In everything in life, there is more than one way to complete a task or arrive at your destination. Even peeling an apple can be done in different ways, using different tools ( knife, vegetable peeler, spiral peeler, etc.). Even GPS can Re-route you when you make a wrong turn.

I choose my way, you choose yours!

Some take what looks like the direct path to their heart’s desires, some go in a zig-zag, and yet others stop and go along the way. No matter which route you take, it is perfect for you. It is exactly where you need to be. It is the gift of time!  Each way offers so much opportunity for growth and evolution. Opportunity to gain what it is you need to know or experience. Opportunity to teach you. God’s plan doesn’t always match our vision of our plan or our desires, but it is always exactly what we need.

Can you trust God and his plan for you even if it doesn’t follow the conventional path?