Walls are built for two reasons; to protect or to divide. Many times we build a wall as a means to protect ourselves, but sometimes the walls turn into an obstacle.  The walls block us from receiving love, joy, and prosperity. It separates us from the community. 

Often things are said, people’s feelings get hurt, and walls are built.  Then we stand our ground, stubborn in our righteousness. We feel wounded and do not want that to happen again. We withdraw! We protect ourselves and hold onto those emotions instead of letting them flow through us. We hold onto the event with vivid detail; what was said, what the other person did, and that there was an injustice done to you.  WE EXPEND AN AWFUL LOT OF ENERGY TRYING TO PROVE WHO IS RIGHT AND WHO IS WRONG. WHO IS TO BLAME AND TO JUSTIFY OUR ACTIONS. It becomes a full-time job! Each one of those emotions we hold on to is a brick in our wall.  Eventually, our wall gets so tall that it blocks us from receiving what it is we really want: LOVE – ACCEPTANCE – JOY – PROSPERITY.

So how do we, for a lack of a better phrase, “tear down the wall?” By releasing what no longer serves us. What does that mean you ask? Well ask yourself, does it serve you to hang onto anger? Does it serve you to hang on to a perceived injustice? Does it serve you to not forgive? If the answer is no, then release them.  Not so easy is it!? Our ego (fear) wants to protect us from ever getting hurt again. It is strong but love is stronger. So from a space of love, release the hurt. You could write a letter to that person or persons expressing your anger, perception, and injustice, and then burn it and allow those emotions to drift away. You can ask yourself ‘what am I gaining by hanging on to this? Is it all about my ego?’ Putting your ego aside, what is it you really desire?

With Love and Gratitude,