Oh what an honor it is to live through history!

World Wars have changed the face of the earth and the faces and the lives of its people.

To observe people and to see contrasting reactions.

One of the excitements for this opportunity is to slow down, get back to basics with family, appreciate the little things in life and see all the blessings. Yes, there is the unknowing, but a deep sense of excitement as to what is to come. Our lives forever changed, a new normal, and an immense sense of opportunity on the horizon. Embrace the gift of change.

The opposing emotion is fear! Fear of the unknown. It is paralyzing, gripping and full of panic. How will we survive? Nothing will be the same. I want everything to go back to the way it was. Look at everything we have lost and missed. Mourning our old way of life. Feeling this is a punishment and reacting with anger, fear, overwhelm and panic.

Then there are those people in the trenches, on the front lines. The hospital workers, doctors, nurses, first responders, grocery store clerks. They have been thrusted into the depths of the pandemic. This is not about having the biggest military, or more  bombs, or guns. The only way to win this is through human spirit, prayer and meditation. For this is bigger than any person or nation.

No one is prepared. The medical field is gripping and trying to help. Trying to ease pain and suffering. Realizing they too are human. They too are not prepared. They too are realizing they can not control this. 

Only stopping the speed in which humans were moving can help. Only simplifying our lives to the very basics; water, food, shelter, and most of all love. To think having more, being stronger are not what will prevail, but love will prevail!!

Praying for God’s blessing for all those on the frontlines, battling the unknown in this unprecedented event. God gives those impacted courage and peace. Bless us as we step forward into the unknown!