Have you ever thought about the many definitions of “tune”? 

Tune: (noun) — A melody, especially one that characterizes a certain piece of music; 
Tune (verb) — adjust (a musical instrument) to the correct or uniform pitch; adjust to a frequency of the required signal; adjust or balance so that a vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently; adjust or adapt to a particular purpose or situation. 

So when we tune into our life, what are we actually doing? We are making tiny adjustments so that our lives run more smoothly and efficiently. These adjustments can be ever so slight or very large. A musician will tune an instrument before it is played. Our cars get tuned up to keep them running. What happens if you don’t tune up your car? Eventually it will not run efficiently and may even break down, causing you stress and aggravation. Why don’t we start each day with a tune-up?

You can do this by taking simple moments of gratitude, or an intention for the day.

There are many days when I am out of tune, yet I often just keep going. I don’t take the time to stop and adjust or adapt to a situation. I run headfirst into my day even if I am out of tune with my surroundings, making my life more difficult and inefficient. I keep going without taking the time to tune up or in. Let’s learn from the musicians and our vehicles. Let’s try to tune into our bodies, our minds, and our souls throughout the day. Tune into our surroundings and make the necessary adjustments.

Take a moment to listen to an instrument out of tune and an instrument in tune. Can you hear the beauty of being in tune?

With love and gratitude,


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