Buon Giorno ( Good Morning),

One of my truths is I want to live in Italy one day. One of my 2021 intentions is to learn and use Italian.This intention encourages me to embody Italy.  It is the last quarter of 2021 and I have been dabbling, but not committed to this intention. Well in September I found myself with an opportunity to read Short Stories in Italian for beginners with two colleagues.  Our little trio meets weekly to read outloud, answer questions and practice our Italian. FYI: I am the only non bilingual person. My Italian buddy’s both speak multiple languages and have lived for periods of time in different countries including Italy!


Historically, this would have made me feel self-conscious and not participate. I would have been embarrassed to read Italian with mispronunciations and an American accent. Instead these two encourage me to move toward a lifelong dream of speaking Italian and maybe one day living there for a few months. Although my Italian is messy, I am saying yes to a dream. I am saying yes to the struggle of learning something new and not being perfect at it! I am beginning to immerse myself in the language. I am listening to Italian radio, learning Italian in the car on spotify, and signing up for Italian lessons with a tutor on italki. 


You know what?  I am having fun and doing this solely for myself.  Is there something you have been wanting to experience?  What is holding you back? Is the fear of judgement, failure, or  embarrassment? Is it excuses like, I don’t have the time, I am too old, the year is almost over? 


Ask yourself two questions: 1. Will I regret not trying? 2. Can I just play and have fun with my dream? 


Trust yourself and say yes to something you have wanted to try or experience. Play, have fun, and give yourself permission to play with your dreams. 


Ciao Tesoro,



God has a plan- Trust it! Live it, Enjoy it