Do you really want to learn how to love yourself? Bullying, shamming, guilting, beating yourself up does not work but loving yourself does! Are you being called to heal your relationship with your body? Do you REALLY want to learn how to love yourself, all of you, no matter what size, what color, with wrinkles, with gray hair, with stretch marks, with cellulite…truly deeply and completely love yourself?

I would like to share the process I use to heal my relationship with my body. It is an ongoing process and may need to be repeated periodically but it is transformative and freeing.

1. Forgive yourself for believing the inner critic and participating in bullying and shaming. Really sit with this inner critic and write down everything that she says about your body. Everything!!! This can be so painful and difficult that you will want to avoid it or resist it. This may take some time so do not rush it. Over the course of a few days read the list. Really hear what you have been saying to yourself. You may be astonished at what you hear. Tell that voice, “I hear you and thank you, but I no longer want to participate in shaming and bullying myself.” You may want to burn the list once you have really processed it and have forgiven yourself. Releasing it!

2. Every evening before bed write 5 things that you love about yourself and why? Start small as this is going to feel a bit uncomfortable. After all, we have never really been taught how to love ourselves. Society tells us that it is selfish and conceded to love yourself. My first few nights I wrote the same 5 things over and over…I love my fingernails because they are strong and beautifully shaped. I love my hair because it is big and full of curls ( I didn’t always love my hair). I love my décolleté because it looks pretty in off-the-shoulder dresses and shirts. I love my taste buds because I can taste delicious food. I love my eyes because they let me see the beauty in the world. This is a lifelong process so be gentle and loving with yourself.

3. Make time every day to repeat this mantra 3 or more times “I deeply and completely love myself. I get to have a beautiful and loving relationship with my body.” Take a gorgeous inhale and exhale each time you say the mantras. Allow the mantras to sink in and embody them. The first step in learning to love others is to learn to love ourselves. God asks us to love our neighbors as ourselves. How can you love your neighbor if you do not love yourself first? He created you with love! If you would like more support with this process or would like to take it deeper, please reach out to me.

I would really love to hear all about your experience with this process so send me an email. I want to celebrate with you!!!

With love and gratitude,