How can you be true to yourself, listen to your gut or just know? The answer is always; come back to your heart in all things.  For me, pink roses are the scent of love. The petals are soft and smooth. Love tastes sweet and sounds like voices in harmony.  Choosing love never fails me. Even when I feel pulled by obligations, sadness, or “doing the right thing”; I stay true in love, seek love, exude love, and even love from afar. Love is like pink petals raining down on me. The warm fuzzy feeling makes me feel giddy, joyful, and abundant. It is a beautiful space to be in. Letting my petals bloom requires that I look at my life from a lens of love. What does love smell like, taste like, feel like, and sound like to you? Today, listen for love, taste love, feel love, see love, and smell love.  Experience the fullness of love. Love is being intimate with yourself first so you can share love with others. Love comes in so many forms (love for a pet, a child, a friend, first love, love for nature, love of food, love of things that make you smile, or feel beautiful). Be a blooming flower and choose love. Release anything that doesn’t feel like love and embrace everything love. Listen to your heart.  Love will melt away or release what does not serve you and gives you relief. Openly and joyfully allow love to guide you. It is never wrong.

Happy February!

With Love and Gratitude,