As a parent of three children, two of which are girls, I am utterly disappointed at how some teenage girls treat each other. They spend most of their energy tearing people down and spreading negativity. During this season of my children’s lives, I try to teach them how to be kind, compassionate people with confidence and values. It is proving to be quite challenging! I find myself getting upset and wanting to right a wrong. It is something I struggle with. Through writing in my journal and meditation, God has given me the following words to say to my children:
“I am so proud of you, but you should be proud of yourself. Those people who try to get in your head and whisper doubt and fear are trying to steal your joy. Their words and actions are not a reflection of you or your truth, but their own. Pray that you stay strong and not believe their words and pray for them because they are hurting!”
In shifting from not allowing others’ words to become your truth, you can step back and become courageous and strong in yourself. In doing this, you will begin to see the pain in others as they lash out because of their own thoughts and beliefs about themselves.

As you go about your day, pretend you have a shield like Wonder Women and deflect those harsh words or actions. Do not let them injure your soul.

My hope is that this small yet powerful action will spread so all girls and women will celebrate and build each other up, instead of knocking each other down.

With love and gratitude,

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