The picture on the left is what we want our lives to be.  We want to get on a path and follow it straight to where we want to go. A straight run, no obstacles, no surprises, just an easy straight path; getting us from point A to point B.

That is not life! There are obstacles or should we say opportunity?  The path is not always straight and clear.  Life is about navigating the forest. What do we do when we are blocked by a tree?  Do we stand there and complain? Do we try to chop the tree down? Do we just sit there defeated?

No, we gaze at the tree, take a moment to learn from the experience and gracefully walk around the tree (obstacle).  Guess what? There is another tree and another and yet another waiting to teach us. Waiting to teach us about resilience, flexibility, humility, endurance, forgiveness, and ultimately, unconditional love.

The path that you forge is unique to you.  It is where you need to be, at that exact moment.  It is not your neighbor’s, or your sister’s, or your brother’s obstacle.   It is yours! There are no straight lines from start to finish.  It is your path, your journey,  and your life. The question is; how do you handle the obstacles in your life? Do you see them as opportunities to grow and learn or do you become defeated and complain?

So,  at the next big tree that blocks your path, ask yourself: What is this tree (obstacle) here to teach me?

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With love and gratitude,