My life makes the Indy 500 look like a joy ride and I know I am not alone! I woke up this morning, my feet didn’t touch the floor yet, and my to-do list was 10 deep. My mind started racing: I have to get two new tires. After I get new tires, I have to go to the store. Following that, I have to take my one daughter to an Earth Day celebration. My other daughter has a party at 3 pm.  I have to help her get ready for her party.  At some point, I will have to go grocery shopping because tomorrow I have church and soccer. Tonight, I will have to clean the house. Random thoughts start popping up in my mind.  What will I make for dinner? Don’t forget to move the clothes from the wash to the dryer. The laundry from yesterday still needed to be folded.  When will I exercise? My head was spinning, I was getting anxious, and my heart was pounding. I wasn’t out of bed yet! I took a deep inhale and very long exhale and just slowed everything down. I realized I have a choice. I am choosing to put chaos in my life. I am choosing to write a to-do list that could not be completed in a day.

I am in the driver’s seat and I get to choose! Yes, there are obligations, but even within those obligations, I have choices. Why am I running? Why do I choose to fill my life with so much? Am I afraid to be still?  Am I addictive Cortisol?

I take a deep inhale and a long exhale, and I remember this verse. “Be still and know I am God.”  I am being gifted a moment. A moment, so I can enjoy the gifts that are in front of me. Not a big “aha” moment, but a quiet moment. I focus on the quiet moments in my life. The color of the sky. Cuddling with my dog.  Smelling the scent of freshly brewed coffee. The new green of spring.  Hearing the birds sing.

Another inhale and exhale, and I ask myself, ” What two things must I do today?”

These two things become my to-do list. I ask God to help me complete these two tasks with ease and grace, bless my day, and realize everything else is just gravy!

I am calm! My feet gently touch the floor. I stretch, walk to the kitchen, and pour myself a cup of coffee. I inhale the aroma. I look out my window and say good morning to the world.

Now I can start my day.

With peace and love,

Journal: How do I choose to start my day? What do I choose to do in my day? What does my perfect day look like?

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