The dreaded dirty dishes! Really, no sooner would I finish washing the dishes, somebody would place another dirty dish or utensil in the sink. UGH! When my children were younger a dirty dish would send me over the edge. I had my own OCD and need for everything to be perfect. If I woke up in the morning and there was a dirty spoon in the sink, there would be holy hell to pay.  I would wake up, see the spoon, and lose my noodle. I’d start muttering under my breath, “Why am I the only one who cleans up? Why can’t anybody else do the dishes? Really, you can’t put the spoon in the dishwasher?”  It would set the tone for the morning.  I’d start slamming draws and cabinet doors.   I think my husband was afraid of me! It was not a pretty scene. When I look back now I think, “Holy cow, I was crazy!  Really a little spoon in the sink could set me off!”With the grace of age comes wisdom! Wisdom to really not sweat the small stuff! I mean in the big picture of life, is a dirty spoon really a big deal? Is having everything perfect really that important? I do believe it is important to have a clean house and be somewhat organized. I believe it makes one’s life more efficient and pleasant to live in a neat home. But I do not believe (anymore) that everything needs to be perfect all the time.  People aren’t going to like me more if I am perfect. In fact, I am more uptight when I demand perfection. I also miss out on life because I spend so much time making things perfect that I am not appreciating what is in front of.  In reality, perfection is an unrealistic goal!

I am a much more pleasant parent and wife now that I have let my perfectionism go! I no longer become a lunatic when there are dishes in the sink.  Maybe having teenagers and their friends cooking meals at all hours has cured me.  The shift from perfection to knowing my family is safe in my house. The shift to a feeling of gratitude for food, the people in my life, and running water.  Dishes in the sink has come to symbolize life in my home, activity in my home, and time together in my home.

Since I spend a good amount of time at the sink, I might as well make it a positive experience. I  use the time while washing the dishes to really give thanks for all I have. I appreciate everything from the soapy water to time with family and friends. I give thanks for modern appliances and conveniences.  I really am blessed!

Jornal: What is it you want “perfect”? Can you let it go? Can you turn it into a positive?


With Love and Gratitude,


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