This morning I sit outside in the beautiful morning air overlooking the Long Island Sound at the Water’s Edge Resort and Spa.  For the past 15 years my family spends one week in August at the “EDGE”. In timeshare lingo, it is week 32. We have made many friends  at the “EDGE”. The kids have all grown up together and have a special “summer” bond. The sky is an azure blue. The air is dry and crisp, a much welcome relief from the humidity. Today is the last day at the “EDGE”. There is always a feeling of mixed emotions on the last day, and today is no different. This place has turned into a kind of “summer camp” for us, although I have never been to camp. Here we have experiences with friends we see once a year. There is kayaking, paddle boarding, and walks to salt island where we explore and jump off rocks into the sound. This year the kids constructed rock formations. As a group, we move as one but with various parts moving independently. Dinners on the beach, bonfires in the sand, guitars playing and people singing in and out of tune!!  Lots of laughter and stories shared. Afternoon naps in the hammocks on the beach. The sound of gentle waves and a warm breeze. Life transitions as we watch children grow into teens, then into young adults off to college then to jobs. The group gets smaller, yet each year we seem to find new friends to add to our group. The adults cling to these days as much as the kids. Basking in the freedom, the laughter, and the love. Each year new memories are made and added to the experiences of the Watersedge. Our Friend Peter captures the memories in watercolor. Not forgetting any of the details. He captures my children’s childhood on canvas. So in a few hours we will say goodbye to our summer friends. Most of us will not see each other again until week 32 of next year. As we go our separate ways, we take with us memories and experiences we hold close to our heart. Our artificial world, where there isn’t a care in the world and the days unfold without a plan – all comes to an end. These moments live in our hearts until next year.

 As we say goodbye, we all are thinking this but no one speaks it, “Will this be the last summer together?”

The answer is not important, because the memories are ours to cherish. We are all blessed for this time together. 

With love and gratitude for Week 32,