All Moms are worriers, but there are a few women in my life right now who remind me what it is like to be a warrior. Each of them possesses an inner strength that only unconditional love can fuel.  They are incredible women on a journey they did not choose.

Each one of these Moms posses superpowers. They communicate without words. By looking into their child’s eyes, they can tell if their child is uncomfortable, happy, sad, frustrated, angry,  or in pain. They communicate with their soul.

Each one of these Mom’s has become an expert in the medical field without formal training. They speak the medical lingo, dispense medications through GT tubes, and operate all kinds of medical and adaptive equipment. They direct the nurses and doctors because they know more than any textbook could teach.

They celebrate what would be considered the slightest accomplishment because it gives them hope and the fuel to carry on. They also celebrate because the accomplishment comes as a result of perseverance, determination, and resilience.

These Moms are not martyrs, but warriors.

I am honored and blessed to see these warriors operate. I am in awe of their strength, courage, and perseverance.  They have taught me about unconditional love,  grace, and hope. They have taught me about true gratitude for each day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in my life and the lessons you teach me.

With love and gratitude,


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