If you had to choose, who would you choose to sit on your bench of life? Or would your bench rotate with different people who have made an impact in your life at various times ?

I couldn’t choose as each person who has entered my life has the ability to teach me. Sometimes I am eager to hear the message, and sometimes I just want to push that person off my bench because I don’t want to learn their message!  Has there ever been someone in your life that just irked you? I mean you just couldn’t shake them. They can be the hardest relationships but teach you the most!!

These relationships teach us about forgiveness! About taking on a difference perspective and accepting them for who they are. The bench teaches us to accept people where they are and with what gifts they bring to the table. Do not judge or punish them for not being able to satisfy your need or desire. Forgive them and yourself!

It’s easy to sit next to a person who supports you and encourages you. Someone who brings joy and laughter to your life, and who accepts you for you. Someone you inevitably just click with! It is much more difficult to sit next to a person who does not encourage you or support you. Someone who brings sadness or anger to the bench. That person is your test. It is your wake-up call to dig deep and see what you are made of. It is the time when you can stoop to their level or rise up.  How we rise up and what we learn is the lesson learned on the bench!

You can not get mad at people for not being capable of giving more.  It isn’t about lowering your expectation, but being grateful for what you have or what they can give you.

Sometimes the sticky relationships are the most valuable to our growth!