The critical voice is so loud!! Who gives this voice the power? Who handed it the mic?  Why do we listen? Did you ever stop and wonder, who was living in your head? There is this non-stop chatter! It has power! I bet you don’t even realize how much power it actually has.

Try this exercise:  Stand in front of a mirror and tune into the critical voice. Let it says everything it wants to say, “Look at those gray hairs.  Ugh, the wrinkles around my eyes and my skin the tone is horrible. Look at those scars; I hate those scars! Look at those fat arms, my triceps suck,  and I have freckles everywhere!  Okay, I kind of like my knuckles. My stomach rolls!! Ugh, my thighs! Oh,  my veins are popping out. Isn’t that just lovely? Everything is sagging!!!! Oh, my ankles; they aren’t too bad.  I actually like my ankles.  I am a jerk.  I am stupid. I am the reason the world is falling apart.  I am a horrible person.  I am a horrible friend.”  It drones on and on and on!!!

Step away from the mirror. Let’s talk,  how do you feel? I bet you feel really good about yourself right now, you are full of energy and can’t wait to face the day (sarcasm).  You feel defeated. You feel like a loser. You feel like you want to curl up into a ball and hide because you are not worthy to step outside.

God created us in his image. Do you think God doesn’t think you are beautiful?  Do you think God doesn’t think you are worthy? Do you think God really cares about your thighs?   In scripture, God says he made us in his image, that we are perfect, and that he lives in us.  Meditate on these words for a moment. 

Let’s go back to the mirror. Look at yourself and say;  “Hello eyes you are beautiful and sparkling today.  Thank you for helping me to see the world. I can see beautiful images all day long. My eyes allow me to read. I  can see other people. I am so blessed. Thank you for the gift of vision.

Hello arms, I love you! I can hug people and pets. I can touch and feel things, I can carry things, I can hold hands. I can make all kinds of beautiful things.

Scan your body and say hello and thank you to each part. It really is a miracle!

How do you feel now? Do you feel beautiful and full of energy? Do you feel loved?

There really isn’t any room in your world for the critical voice so drop the mic!!

Journal Entry: How has this critical voice held you back? Can you stop listening and move in your souls calling? I challenge you to a daily practice of looking in the mirror and giving thanks for your body and the person you are.

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With gratitude,