For me at this exact moment LIFE IS GOOD! So YES YES YES, I want to try to stay in this wave of life. Riding the wave is staying steady and patient in the low parts (trough) of the wave as well.  The troughs can be filled with sadness, overwhelm, and even fear (fear of the unknown). Knowing that the swell is building to the top part of the wave (crest), the excitement, the thrill, the adventure. Don’t dismiss the lulls in the wave because this is where the work begins. Only in those lulls can we learn, re-adjust and make incredible growth if we just sit with it a bit; be patient, stay open to receiving. If we try to get out of the trough, we struggle. In the lull we find our greatest strength and it can be our greatest teacher. When a wave is about to break, the trough is at its deepest. That is when the Holy Spirit works on us, filling us with all we need for the next wave! 

Have you ever watched children boogie board? The excitement and thrill of catching the wave just right, the exhilarating feeling of riding the wave to shore, followed by a moment of sadness and then a quick race back out to catch the next good wave. You can always choose to run back out to the next wave. That is the beauty of life…we get to choose even when life isn’t going the way we want, too, whether to get out of the game or stay in it riding both the highs and lows. 

Can you see the beauty in the high and lows of the wave and how both create an incredible adventure? In fact, without both the highs and lows – a wave would not exist.