With so much change in the world happening right now, ‘normalcy’ has taken on a beautiful design.  This week, my daughter is leaving for college.  A proud moment in any parent’s life, I am also painfully aware that the landscapes of these big life moments have changed in profound ways.  She will attend both virtual and in person classes, keeping things COVID safe of course.  I am so happy that amidst all of the chaos and change, she still gets to find space to spread her wings.  As such, I am re-releasing a post from 2018 because I think it is quite relevant here!  Enjoy!

Roots and Wings

This simple phrase was gifted to me by a coworker a few years back and has become my parenting mantra.  As a parent, I believe it is my responsibility to provide my children with roots that are deep. For me, that looks like a strong belief in God, gratitude for all the gifts we have, a solid belief in themselves, resilience, confidence, compassion, honesty, and love.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t be angry or disappointed, but it does mean I will support them the best I can and they too must respect and support me. Roots are mutual. The roots cannot grow deep and strong without fertile soil and nourishment. My job is to provide nourishing soil to help my children to have a strong foundation so they can grow.

They need wings so they can soar to rise high in the air. Soaring is the freedom to achieve beyond one’s expectation. One of the hardest jobs a parent has is to let their child fly on his/her own. To actually have them leave the nest and create a life independent of you. Wings often are disguised in transitions such as graduations, weddings, and jobs.

Wings can be so bittersweet! As a parent, you are proud and excited for your child’s accomplishments, but you are also sad. You know that they will be moving on and taking one step closer to the edge of the nest. Sometimes our children don’t want to leave the nest and they need a little push. Sometimes they literally go running out the door, but either way, it leaves a parent with a space in their heart that is torn.

With time the relationship adapts and changes into something more like a friendship!

To all my friends whose children are graduating from High School, College, getting married, or taking jobs far from home may this mantra help you through the transition.

ROOTS and WINGS” ~ Congratulations on a job well done!

With Love and Gratitude,


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