design-garden-gardening-162443 “An Important gardening skill, pruning refers to the trimming and cutting of plants to rid them of an injured, dead, or infected roots and wood. In some cases, pruning is also used as a prevention measure to make space for any new seedling or growth.”(Maximum Yield)

This basic measure ensures that the plant will continue to grow, become hardy, and produce more flowers or fruit. It is necessary for health and growth. In our lives, we need to prune so we too, can be healthy and grow.

Pruning old items that no longer serve you opens space for you to receive joy, excitement, confidence and even courage. If you hold on to an old pair of jeans that are too small, every time you look at the jeans you will feel discouraged and defeated.  If you give them away, knowing someone else will enjoy them, you are creating space for another pair of jeans that will make you feel like a rockstar!!!

Pruning relationships can be tough because of guilt and grudges.  People come into our lives to teach us and support us. Some friends last a lifetime and some friends are specific to a season in our lives. If a friend no longer serves you, release that person. You don’t have to wish them ill will, be nasty, or hold a grudge. Gently let them go so you can make space for a new friend who will support you during the next season of your life.

Pruning our minds can be tough. The critical voice (fear) speaks loudly. It can hold you back from receiving and moving forward. You can transform your thoughts to reflect your desires by imagining and feeling your desire.

If a negative, self-loathing thought emerges; shift it to positive. For example, ” I am dumb and stupid. I can’t believe I did that!” can be shifted to ” I am smart and confident. I am growing and learning and this negative thought is teaching me.”

Pruning can be applied to every aspect of your life;  work, exercise, diet, technology, friendships, family, furniture, paperwork, and any “stuff” you hold on to.

With love and gratitude,


Journal: What areas of your life need pruning?

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