What if every morning you woke up and the first thought you had was a thought of gratitude? What if you were thankful for the gift of today? The opportunity to experience the day and see what adventures unfolded?  What if you woke up expecting something good to happen! Wouldn’t that just feel awesome? 


Feel the shift in the energy. What if you woke up full of dread and defeat.  “UGH! I am so tired today! It already sucks! I wish it was the weekend. Nothing good is going to happen today. Same old, same old”  Who would want to get up and go anywhere?  You might as well crawl back into bed and  pull the covers over your head. 


Every morning God gives us an opportunity to start the day expecting good things to happen and to be grateful for the day.  Yet so many of us wake up feeling defeated and depressed before we even get out of bed.  Yes, there are events in our lives that throw us curve balls and cause us to spiral into that heavy yucky feeling. I don’t want to dismiss them or pretend they don’t exist, but during those times it is even more important to look at each day as an opportunity. 


Today can you wake up and say ‘God I am so excited to be alive!’ I expect to see beauty today. I expect to see abundance today, I expect good things to happen in my life. Try this for one week  (7 days ), that’s it! You have nothing to lose! NOTHING!! 


Set your opportunity clock every night expecting good things to come your way. If you have to put a post-it by your bed or an upbeat song as your alarm to help you remember, then do it!! 


Let me know if you notice a shift…