What emotion does this piece of cake evoke? Is it dread, regret, failure, shame, guilt, fear, or stress? Is it forbidden? Why? There are no laws forbidding you from eating cake??(unless you are allergic to the ingredients) It’s just a piece of cake; something to be anticipated, savored, celebrated, or shared with friends! Here is the scene; you are sitting at a table with friends and/or family members, your are having a great time, the waiter brings this piece of cake,  SCREECH the fun stops, and you go into PANIC mode!  OMG! I can’t eat that cake! I’ve gain 5 pounds just looking at it. It is sinful. It is the enemy! I’ll start my diet tomorrow! Your brain goes crazy! It fills with  chatter ,”monkey brain”!  PAUSE, REWIND, BREATHE: The waiter places the cake in  the center of the table (inhale), and you gaze around the table with a heart of gratitude for the gifts in front of you (exhale):  Are you thankful for the company, the special occasion you are celebrating, or all the sweet things in your life? Ah, you relax!  You take your first bite and truly enjoy the pleasure it brings you! No guilt, no judgement, no shame.  Just pure pleasure!  One bite ( deep breath of love), two bites (deep breath of gratitude), maybe even three bites (mm-mm satisfied)!  You may choose not to have any cake, not because of guilt, but because you are full of joy and gratitude without it.  The choice is yours but don’t blame the cake!

Indulgence is stealing a kiss from some who makes your pulse quicken, sitting on a park bench feeling the sun on your skin, letting a truffle melt on your tongue as you savor every second, sneaking away from work on a Friday afternoon to do something fun.  Indulgence is not eating until you feel sick, stuffed or ashamed, rewarding yourself with food because your deserve it, or having more wine or booze than you actually taste.” (Tonya Leigh; Slim, Chic, and Savvy)

Journal question of the day: What thoughts do the words “chocolate cake” conjure up in your mind?  Can you shift them into  pleasurable thoughts?

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With Gratitude,