NOT ANOTHER SNOW DAY!!!!  Today in the North East it is yet ANOTHER Snow Day. Many are sick and tired of the snow.  They are ready for spring, except if you are a skiing enthusiast! Well I am not! My perspective is that “Snow Days”  are a gift from God! Snow is a symbol of God’s abundance, quiet and guiding nature, and beauty.  When I look out my window and see and infinite number of snowflakes; all different in size and shape, it reminds me how God has created us each in our unique way.  He hand crafted each of us with special talents and gifts. We are all beautiful in our individual way.  I also look at the falling snow as abundance. God is showing us the abundance of love in the world.  Even if you tried, you could not count the number of snowflakes in a one square inch. Imagine God’s love is so great, it is beyond measure.  God does not set limits on us, but we set limits on ourselves. If you could look at snow from a new perspective you may see its unlimited power. It does not say you only get this much money, or you can only have this career, or you can’t do ……(blah, blah, blah)! Those are our limiting thoughts not Gods. It does say “There is enough for all. There is a surplus.”

Take the time today to look outside, maybe even go outside. Really look around, take in the beauty, the abundance, the unlimited love and opportunity. Take time to look inward, become peaceful, and allow God to work his magic.  Look at the miracles all around you.

Today’s Journal Prompt: What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself? Are they true? Can you shift your beliefs?