Have you ever had a deep desire for something? Not like “I-want-that-chocolate-cake” desire (I have a thing for chocolate cake!) but a profound yearning to attain a goal, a wish, or a dream. The one that is deep in your soul. The one that you may not speak of. What do you do when you hear the word “no”? Do you give up? Do you stop trying? Do you play it safe?

When you were a three-year-old, you threw yourself on the ground and had a tantrum until you got what you wanted. You didn’t care who was looking! You had your eye on the prize and you didn’t care how you got it as long as you got it. Well, I am not telling you to have a full-blown tantrum, although sometimes you may feel like it!

What if I told you “n♥” might be an invitation to become persistent, relentless, and have reverence for your dreams? Don’t stop at “no.” Let it become a detour. Your willingness to take detours demonstrates how much you want it! (Notice there may be more than one detour.) You don’t give up. The end result may not be exactly what you imagined, but it will be exactly what you need. Your ability to take “no” as a way to strengthen your desire is part of the process.

Don’t set limits on yourself. Don’t let anyone (even family members) set limits on you. Take “n♥” as a detour to “yes.” Fight for your dreams. Get creative, be persistent, and don’t give up!

With love and gratitude,


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