Often we hear people talk about the Christmas Spirit. What does this exactly mean? For me, it means a time of celebration, a time to create beauty, share love, to give and to receive. December is also a time of miracles. To pay attention to all the miracles that happen each and every day. The miracle of a new day. The miracle of life. The miracle of laughter.  The miracle of a call from a friend.

Each day brings numerous miracles, but we often overlook them or don’t even realize the miracle right in front of us. 

This December, I encourage each of you to wake up every morning with a heart of gratitude for all the miracles in your life. Even the little ones that seem insignificant,  but without them your life would be very different. I know on some days this can be difficult,  but even during the darkest days you can find light. Light is the miracle! Light is the smile from a stranger, a hug, a warm cup of tea, and the stars in the sky. Miracles are endless. We get to give and receive miracles. 

What if we asked God to bless us with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to receive the golden beauty within each season (Matthew 13:16- 17).  If we could really see the world from a place of miracles, there would be so much beauty, love, peace, and joy. 

I know the media is filled with doom and gloom, but we get to choose how we want to experience the miracles of this world.  I hope you choose to see all the good that surrounds you and share all the goodness in your heart with others. 

Merry Christmas to you, and may your December be filled with miracles!


With love and gratitude,