Sit and reflect on life itself and you would discover that nothing is by chance-TB Joshua

When I was younger I loved doing connect-the-dots activity pages. I loved how I wasn’t always sure what the image would be, but I had so much fun trying to guess.  Sometimes I’d guess correctly, sometimes I’d guess incorrectly, and sometimes the image just didn’t look how I thought it should. The dots seem to zigzag on the page and “Voila” an image.  Our lives can be compared to a connect the dots page.  Life is not a straight line and you don’t follow one point, to the next point, to the next point in a linear fashion, but instead it may zigzag across the page seeming  to make no connection at all.  Yet in hindsight, the dots are all connected. How each dot leads you to the next, which leads you to a dream, a desire, or a life changing event.

Every dot is important. Every dot gives character and form to the image. Every dot brings on a new perspective. You can’t skip the dots or your image will be distorted. It will be out of balance.  The dots are moments in our life that taught us something. The dots might be failures, obstacles, success, chance meetings and/or life changing events.

I know often I am in a rush to get to the end result. The desired dream or object. I have an image of how it is supposed to be. If I rush through, not learning from the events in my life, my image gets distorted. In hindsight, I can look back at the dots not as failures to attaining my goal but to the path of success. For each event has taught me something I needed, even if I didn’t think I did! Every dot had a purpose. Every dot is contingent upon the other. Take a moment to look back and see how failures, obstacles, successes, chance meetings and life changing events put you on the path to where you are today.  When you are in it, it might not make sense, but in hindsight it all makes sense.

Journal: How have all your dots contribute to your beautiful life?

With love and gratitude,


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