A lighthouse, I am drawn to its solitude yet guiding ways. Its rhythmic light guiding ships to safety or away from danger.  The “lighthouse” can be a symbol of hope, guidance, protection, and warning. Each one of us has an internal lighthouse that dwells in us. It is the little voice, intuition, and the holy spirit. It guides us, protects us, and warns us. It is not loud and boisterous, but quiet and all knowing. You must sit quietly to hear it.  A lighthouse does not take a day off or stop guiding. It is peaceful and confident in its job. It is strong and courageous and does not waiver. It battles fierce storms, guides through dense fog and shines brightly on a sunny day.

My prayer for you today is that you will confidently listen to your lighthouse during all kinds of weather. That you will let your lighthouse guide and protect you. Amen

With love and gratitude,


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