ASK Anna:  Shift your Gaze is a journey that invites you to look at your life from a different  perspective. To see the beauty and love that surrounds you. If you have questions along your journey about how to handle certain topics specifically with what I’ve discussed here on the blog, please email me your questions, and I will respond in a timely manner.

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 My mission is to reach as many people as I can and teach them about their critical voice, limiting beliefs, self compassion, and gratitude. How to harvest them and turn them into the power and life God has planned for them.  By changing your perspective and looking through the lens of gratitude, of love, of faith and of patience you can transform your life.



WHERE IT ALL BEGAN – I grew up in Putnam County, New York approximately 55 miles north of New York City.  The area has rolling mountains, rich forest, beautiful lakes and streams. I had a front row view of a lake from my bedroom window. My fondest memories are spending my summer days with friends and family on the lake swimming, canoeing, and exploring.  My winter days were filled with skating, sledding, and bonfires. I didn’t realize then the natural beauty that surrounded me.


I now live in Fairfield county, Connecticut. It is a small quaint New England Town nestled in the foothills of the Berkshire mountains. I am married with three children. My family is my biggest inspiration and have helped me along this journey. I am grateful for their love and support. I still love being outdoors and take every opportunity that I can to go for long walks and hikes. I still spend my summer days on the lake and my winters ice skating with my kids. Journaling, Yoga, and meditation have changed my life and God gifted me “Shift Your Gaze”. The idea of taking every day events and surroundings and learning life lessons from what is right in front of you. It is all there, we just have to look and listen. So now not only am I a wife, parent, sister, daughter, and speech therapist, but I am a writer and teacher.  I am still getting comfortable with my new gifts, writing a blog and conducting soul care workshops, but I am truly blessed and feel grateful for my soul lead life.

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